Top 10 Universities Leading in Blockchain Research


1Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are one of the hottest topics of this decade, the rise and fall of its price have been of interest to millions of people. Furthermore, the euphoria around cryptocurrency is not overrated because of the ground-breaking technological and economic advantages it brings with itself.

Multinational companies like IBM, Microsoft, Alibaba R&D and so on are exploring the full range of upgradations that can be found in the current payment and economic system with blockchains. Hence, the need for cryptographic experts with blockchain specific knowledge increases as well.

Prestigious varsities and other companies have taken the initiative to spread the detailed knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain. The following is the list of top Universities that offer blockchain and cryptocurrency related courses.

MIT’s branch of Professional Education has collaborated with EMERITUS Institute of Management to reach the students globally. They provide online courses for professional executives and starters as well. MIT has also established a separate branch, and an online portal which specialises in digital currencies and cryptocurrencies forms a considerable part of that.

Currently, they are offering a course < Digital Transformation: From AI and IoT to Cloud, Blockchain, and Cybersecurity  starting from November 28, 2018, and the duration of it is 2 -months. The tuition fees for the diploma course is $2300. According to the experts at MIT, a digital revolution is underway which will implement blockchain at large and hence the introductory course is a gateway for professionals looking to implement blockchain in their business.



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