Bits2u has launched PeruCoin (PERU), the first 100% Peruvian virtual currency. Peru Coin is an ERC-20 token developed on the Ethereum platform. The project aims at initiating and propagating cryptocurrencies in Peru. The project proposes to bring blockchain and cryptocurrencies to every Peruvian’s reach. Based in Peru, Bits2u Inversiones Sac, is dedicated to the investment sector and cryptocurrency cloud mining.

Bits2u plans to install PeruCoin mining farms at Peru in South America. The team is looking at integrating trading services, crypto-advisory, and alternative financial strategies services alongside building a mining farm in the country.

Currently, the level of adoption of cryptocurrencies in Peru has one of the lowest rates, being lower than 0.7%, quite contrary to Brazil and Argentina with 20% and 80% of adoption levels respectively. Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and Russia are also not lagging behind. In fact, some of these nations are even trying to create their own national virtual currency. Similarly, PeruCoin intends to become the only digital currency in the Peruvian nation.

In the words of Victor Nieto Carrera, founder and CEO of Bits2u, “Through PeruCoin, we seek to show Peruvians the operation and functioning of the world of cryptocurrencies. The currency will provide a comprehensive solution for crypto-lovers and investors to ensure the value of maximization of our customers.” 

PeruCoin seeks to encourage the adoption of cryptocurrencies as a means of electronic payment and also in physical commercial establishments in Peru. Click To Tweet

Additionally, it aims to generate greater confidence in global blockchain eco-system. The PeruCoin team hopes to increase the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies across the global through its token. The ability to cross-sell and offer global access to people is believed to be an extremely valuable and strategic combination.

Financial Information 

Token SymbolPERU
Price in ICO$6 per PeruCoin
Level 18%
Level 25%
Level 33.5%
Total Token2,000,000 Perucoin
Minimum Investment$120
Maximum InvestmentNo Limit
Soft Cap$5,000,000
Hard Cap$10,000,000
Cryptocurrencies AcceptedUS Dollars
Percentage distributed in ICO34.65% of the main ICO


Víctor Luis Nieto Carrera  is the CEO of Bits2u who has graduated from Universidad de Ciencias y Humanidades and is based in Peru presently. He has been associated with blockchain projects from 2016.

Fernando Barrueto is the Co-founder of Peru Coin and is a graduate from Universidad Nacional de Callao. He is also the IT Security Consultant for Peru Coin.

Atanu Quicksilver specialises in Bounty Management and Peru Coin’s community growth. He has graduated from Jaypee Institute of Information Technology.

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