About FidelityHouse

Based in Switzerland, the team of FidelityHouse focuses on social content networking, crowd sourcing and journalism. It aims to improve content lifecycle management, enabling users to earn via sharing and publishing content.

Their mission is to become a one-stop platform for writers and publishers of original and high quality contents, offering services aimed towards their attribution, protection and monetization.

In today’s data cloning era, FidelityHouse is making it possible to make content lifecycle management fairer and more transparent, formalising and certifying the relationship between writer and publisher. Click To Tweet

FidelityHouse is the first initiator to this innovative approach, that is based on the blockchain technology, making it accessible to independent authors along with third-party publishers through the services offered by FidelityHouse Chain.

The project aims at being user-centric and transparent towards content owners and content distributors whereby the content copyright is granted by FidelityHouse via a revenue sharing model. Following which, the content goes through a refinement cycle on their network where two moderators would be foreseeing the content operations.

FIH Tokens

FIH tokens are used to obtain access to the FidelityHouse platform services and to reward moderators. These platform services include blockchain timestamping and plagiarism monitoring. FIH token is ERC20 Token on the Ethereum blockchain. The Smart Contract of the Token makes it unique and can be created at all stages including pre-ICO, conversions ICO and post ICO.

The published content is monetised via targeted advertising where FIH Tokens earned are used within the FidelityHouse network for numerous other services on the same platform or sent to other exchanges for redeeming.

The content creator can purchase any single service or subscribe to a package fitting content creation and distribution needs. Any action taking place in the platform is paid or received in FIH tokens, so the content creator should primarily have FIH tokens to benefit from any of the platform services.

Token Sale

FIH token sale is scheduled between Dec 14th 2018 to 13th April 2019.

Financial Information


Francesco Fasanaro is one of the three founders of Fidelity House who had graduated from University of Trieste in Communication Sciences and has over 11 years of Digital entrepreneurial exposure.

Alessandro Benini has been in the digital ventures for the last 20 years and had been associated with leading market leaders as Project Manager, Marketing Manager and Programmer.

Alessandro Bellato graduated from Università degli Studi di Padova and has been working as System Architect with s top executives and has been actively associated with blockchain projects since 2013.

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