ZICHAIN: Management of Crypto Assets Made Easy

Zichain provides solutions for digital finance. It is ranked number 2 on CoinDesk, a leading crypto and blockchain news community. Zichain manages everything from retail trading to institutional wealth management. Zichain unleashes some amazing modules in the blockchain, fintech, big-data & AI domain, which we will come across further. Zichain aims to build an infrastructure for decentralized storage of assets, to eliminate the problems faced by our crypto-blockchain family.

The Zichain Token –

Zitoken (ZCN) is the internal currency of Zichain, which fuels the ecosystem of their services. It is a payment token used to buy their services. ZCN is an ERC-20 token in the Ethereum blockchain. Zichain has divided its services into modules, namely –

  • Blockchain Asset Management Platform (BAMP): Platform for launching your own crypto funds. This platform provides investors with exceptionally secure investment options and allows talented asset managers to implement their trading strategies.
  • Trading Terminal: Get access to exchanges, API requests & smart order types.
  • Fiat Gateway: One can exchange digital assets for fiat & token listing for ICOs.
  • Analytics and marketing: Investment marketplace, unique ways to customize news & analytics and testing the trading ideas.

You will get a significant discount once you access modules through Zitokens. One will have an opportunity to get 50% off on Zichain services for holding the tokens or pay for the services right away with ZCN and receive 30% discount.

Zichain’s policy will stimulate high demand for ZCNs, buying back ZCNs and how ZCN will be used to pay for services, during the initial development of their project. For buying back and burning down ZCNs, 20% of the profit will be reserved on a quarterly basis until the token supply is down by half. The architecture of modules is designed to fit the wide range of customers’ requirements. Hence, Zichain introduces three tiers of service: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

  • Silver1 fund with 100 investors under BAMP; 5 exchanges with 3600 API requests per hour under Trading Terminal; 25% cashback under Fiat Gateway and customised new flow under Analytics & marketing.
  • Gold5 funds with 1000 investors under BAMP; all major exchanges with smart orders & 10 managed accounts, 100,000 API requests per hour under Trading Terminal; 35% cashback with the token listing for ICOs under Fiat Gateway and Silver features + white-label analytical reports + comprehensive market data under Analytics & marketing.
  • PlatinumUnlimited under BAMP; Unlimited under Trading Terminal; 50% cashback with the token listing for ICOs under Fiat Gateway and Gold features + investment marketplace + testing of trading ideas under Analytics & marketing.

Milestones –

During the third quarter of 2017, Zichain launched BAMP (Blockchain Asset Management Platform), TheIndex.Fund (world’s first range of cryptocurrency index which funds a convenient & simple way to enter the digital currency market) and CryptoEYE (multilingual muse & market data provider based on AI and can be customized for any user). In the fourth quarter, they launched the alpha version, 5 cryptocurrency indices, and the fund got transformed to a fully-fledged BAMP.

This year in 2018, CryptoEYE beta version released with BAMP MVP in the first quarter, TGE & private sale in the second quarter with the launch of first two tokenized index funds. The third quarter gives the alpha version of Trading Terminal, public offering and exchange listing follows in the fourth quarter while launching the Trading platform.

2019 will see the release of BAMP version 1.0 (beta) followed by the 2.0 version by the second quarter.

Token Distribution –

Zichain’s Token Generation Event (TGE) will issue 703,125,000 tokens.

450,000,000 will be sold to investors.

If all 450,000,000 tokens are sold, additional 253,125,000 tokens will be issued, where

  • 7,031,250 tokens (1% of the total ZCN supply) à Airdrop
  • 14,062,500 tokens (2%) à Bounty Program
  • 14,062,500 tokens (2%) à Referral Program
  • 70,312,500 tokens (10%) à Advisory Board
  • 147,656,250 tokens (21%) à Project Team

Token Details –

  • April 2 – May 20: Private Sale Round 1 with token price= $0.035-0.06 and a discount of 40-65%
  • May 21 – Aug 31: Private Sale Round 2 with token price= $0.08 & a discount of 20%
  • Sep 1 – Oct 15: Private Sale Round 3 with token price= $0.087 & a discount of 13%

Zichain has a great team with strategic partners and investors. Their co-founder & CEO Mr Khachatur Gukasyan is an investment management professional with more than 10 years of experience in asset management & private banking and Mr Serge Geller, Co-Founder & COO has more than 15 years of international project management experience. They drive a beautiful team with everyone at their best! Their partners include Venture Capital Network, World Blockchain Organization, Swiss Blockchain Foundation, etc.

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