XAYA: Triple the Gaming Experience with Blockchain

XAYA is blockchain gaming platform where people can run games serverless! It is a custom blockchain with elements from Bitcoin Core and Namecoin. A lot of the technology will be built around Game Channels, an invention of their own in 2015 for fast, secure, scalable and probably fair game universes on blockchain technology.

XAYA gives you a true blockchain gaming experience by providing real asset ownership, creative new genres in gaming, virtual worlds which will entirely be decentralised. True blockchain games will change the gaming world upside down, with XAYA running a censorship-resistant platform.

XAYA also introduces an easy and simplistic asset management feature, where players will get true item ownership of their in-game assets, basically reaping loyalty for the game. On the basis of the success of a player in the online gaming competitions, propagation of blockchain and distribution of rewards is done successfully in a genre named Human Mining which was introduced in Huntercoin.

These unstoppable virtual worlds are DRs, i.e. Decentralised Reality. Hence there will exist no central authority. The number of people involved makes the state of the world. XAYA also lets you build games in C++, Python, JavaScript, .NET, etc.

There is nothing to worry about frauds when it comes to XAYA! There will be no third-party involvement and no high payment-processing fees. Fraud is impossible, as safe trading of virtual assets is guaranteed, just as how it is in Namecoin, where everyone gets what is agreed upon.

The XAYA concept was launched in October 2016. Their Ephemeral Time-stamp concept came by March 2017. XAYA Private Pre-sale began in Nov 2017 followed by their Public sale, XAYA core release and Main sale in 2018. By 2019, their Asset trading platform will be ready.

There will be a maximum of 150 million tokens available in the token exchange period. CHI distribution will happen after the Main sale finishes on Liquid.com. Liquid is a fast, secure and technically advanced crypto exchange platform. Your coins will reflect on the wallet after the Main sale.

CHI will be used to fuel transactions like

  • Account creation
  • Account transactions
  • Purchasing/renting game assets/accounts
  • Game transactions
  • CHI powered crowd-sales
  • Coin transactions

Sign-Up & Earn 300000 Chi Coins in Rewards!

XAYA Pre-Sale ended in March, in which around 29,220,532 CHI were sold which raised amount value around 330 BTC.
XAYA Main Sale Stage-1 started on 7th September’18 with a duration of 5 weeks, with 4,500,000 CHI available coins at a price equal to 0.00002 BTC/CHI + 15% Bonus.
XAYA Main Sale Stage-2 began the same day, but will only take place if Stage-1 sells out. The number of coins available ~ 115,000,000 CHI at 0.00002 BTC/CHI.

The Coin Distribution is as follows –

  • 40.5% for Coin sale
  • 10% for the company
  • 3.5% for Bounty campaign
  • 4.5% for Huntercoin Snapshot
  • 1.5% for Advisors/Others
  • 40% for Proof of Work

You will find a trustless wallet which will be available with the source code! Steps to download XAYA wallet –
WINDOWS (Electron)
LINUX (Ubuntu)

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