WAX – A blockchain game changer for the gamers

Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) – Introduction and Explainer

Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX) is led by the founders of OPSKINS, world’s leading marketplace for online video game assets. The project aims to build a virtual-item-specific global platform, which will allow millions of video games players to buy and sell digital assets.

WAX is a utility token and can be used to exchange for virtual goods (it is an e-bay for virtual items). Please note that it is not limited to video gaming items but almost all virtual goods. This unique characteristic allows millions of traders to set-up their marketplace for virtual assets on one decentralized platform, using smart contracts to provide instant payments, security & trust.

The virtual stores, created by gamers and traders, will incentivize developers to continue progressing with their games. It is a revolving door and a loyalty program, which is extremely important.

WAX token information :
Worldwide Asset Exchange
Ticker / Short: WAX
Contract Address: 0x39bb259f66e1c59d5abef88375979b4d20d98022
Decimals: 8
Etherscan: https://etherscan.io/address/0x39bb259f66e1c59d5abef88375979b4d20d98022

The marketplace that WAX has to offer is a distinguisher, especially utilizing OPSkins. OPSkins is incredible, reminds me of when I would play Counterstrike and get an exclusive skin for my weapon.

OPSkins was a big step for gaming, but WAX brings decentralization, hype and transparency in the game industry. It connects gamers all around the world, all the people who use different currencies now can trade their good in the WAX token. WAX is the pioneer in the entertainment sphere, and it gives a unique opportunity for the WAX holders.

Today the online video gamers don’t own their virtual in-game item. Virtual items can only be used in a single video game. WAX ExpressTrade lets players extend their personal virtual item collections ownership over multiple games. It makes it possible to trade their blockchain based skins in various video games.

WAX ExpressTrade is both a consumer-friendly wallet for storing as well as trading. Other players can see what all virtual items one has in his wallet and can make trade offers.

Currently, VGO is the highest tradable asset volume-wise on WAX ExpressTrade!

VGO is the one of the most popular DApp with more than three lacs transactions per second. It is the first project to use the alpha WAX Blockchain. VGO is a community-driven project that allows players to own and control their VGO items truly. VGO items are digital items generated using blockchain. Every VGO item is one of a kind and is created using smart contracts.

How to trade virtual items on WAX platform? How to buy sell for fiat?

To buy a virtual item, you need to buy it through WAX ExpressTrade using WAX tokens. Once you’ve your virtual item (WAX item), you can keep it or can sell it on OPSKINS for fiat. OPSKINS similar to e-bay for virtual goods not limited to game items.

Right now, they’re majorly into video game virtual items marketplace only, but that too is 440+M online gamers who already collect, buy or sell in-game purchases. Hoping to see an addition of a lot of more virtual goods & services on the WAX platform.

The primary reason I support WAX is that it enables millions of traders to set up their own marketplace for virtual assets on one decentralized platform, using smart contracts to provide instant payments, security, trust, and innovation at the same time.

It’s a revolution, the same as online shopping sites using the internet did a decade back! Now it’s a blockchain time for the gamers!

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