UNCLOAK - A Proactive Cyber Threat Detection Solutions

Uncloak is the world’s first blockchain which is building a platform for cyber-security research and protection. It is a global first in the defence against computer cyber-attacks using the power of a blockchain, to manage cyber threat detection.
Their software platform combines real-world cybersecurity expertise with Artificial Intelligence, to combat cyber threats. Security breaches cause severe financial and reputational loss. But Uncloaks’ software can proactively identify new risks and strengthen their security measures to shut out would-be cyber hackers.
Uncloaks’ cyber threat detection doesn’t stop there! It works with a database of certified ethical hackers and penetration testers within its blockchain using a unique algorithm to find cyber threats faster than ever before.

Uncloak uses two tokens to power the platform, UNC & UCC.


  • Running on Ethereum network, ERC-20 format.
  • More costly when transacting at slower speeds.
  • UNC tokens can be purchased on a token/crypto exchange using Ethereum, Neo, BTC dependent on the exchange used.
  • UNC tokens purchased on an exchange can be used to purchase & subscribe to Uncloak platform along with fiat currency for subscription services.
  • EOS format used internally on the platform for rewarding hunters/validators for finding vulnerabilities, Low latency transactions, free usage, multiple threads, Turing complete.
  • Hunters and validators who have earned UCC tokens on the Uncloak platform for finding or validating new vulnerabilities can convert tokens into tradeable UNC tokens, which are then sent securely to the hunters/validators registered crypto wallet.
  • UCC tokens absorb the remaining amount of UNC tokens available.
Token Sale –

Token Price 1 UNC = $0.01 USD
10% tokens will be retained by Uncloak for bug bounty i.e. 420,000,000 UNC, 10% for developer fund i.e. 420,000,000 UNC, 15% for founding team i.e. 630,000,000 UNC, 15% for early backers, equity investors & advisors i.e. 630,000,000 UNC and 50% for token Sale i.e. 2,100,000,000 UNC.

  • The total token supply is 4,200,000,000 UNC
  • Hard Cap at  $14,000,000 USD
  • Soft Cap at $2,500,000 USD
  • Minimum ICO Investment is USD 100
  • Maximum ICO Investment is USD 100,000
  • Forms of Payment are ETH, BNB, HT & USD
  • Presale Bonus is up to 30%.
  • Main ICO Bonus is 10%
  • Minimum purchase is 10,000 UNC tokens equivalent to $100

Uncloaks’ platform is used to identify a company’s infrastructure, security gaps and funder abilities. Threats are validated through a blockchain voting system & hunters are recognised and rewarded instantly with tokens which can be converted back into any currency. Uncloak is unique in its ability to provide an inventory of real-time internet cyber threats powered by world-class AI advanced blockchain and an active community of expert security testers.

Uncloak will never let you down!

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