Top Seven ICO Advisors of 2018
Simon Cocking:
ICO score: 254.2

Simon Cocking is a Senior Editor, Irish Tech News, and Editor-in-Chief, CryptoCoinNews. He is also a freelancer for IBM, Sunday Business Post, Irish Times, and other notable publications.
In addition, he is a business mentor and serves as an advisor to 20+ thriving ICOs, working collaboratively with all of them. He has also been placed on ten most influential advisors on Twitter lists.

Ian Scarffe:
ICO score: 245.8

A highly successful entrepreneur accredited investor and independent consultant with global business experience and expertise.
A leading expert in Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and Crypto industries.
Recently, Ian founded ‘Binkplus’, a startup incubator in Europe.
Possessing an understanding and having hands-on experience in various roles determines Ian can provide and present companies with valuable insight into millions of customers, proving him to be a vital asset to companies across the globe.

Vladimir Nikitin:
ICO score: 197.8

Prominent business and legal consultant with a decade of experience in the numerous verticals, primarily in finance, and retail. As an active supporter and ardent advocate of blockchain technology for over the years, he grew a robust network of 31, 000 crypto followers. Mr Nikitin provides consultancy and necessary advice to major ICOs, in addition to offering assistance to ICO projects. He is also promoting and supporting the ICO in the CIS region (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia) which is a significant step forward for both the crypto vertical as well as these nations.

Jason Hung:
ICO score: 132.7

One of the most influential advisors on ICObench, Dr Jason Hung is very much admired figure in the blockchain community. He is an inventor, serial entrepreneur, and a leading ICO expert. Dr Hung is the co-founder of Treascovery, and TimeBox, along with being a member of the advisory board of EZPOS, BitRewards, ICONIC, and BlockLancer. Dr Hung has aided over 35 ICOs in various fields.

He is a PhD in Engineering (NCTU), a Master in System Analysis, and a Bachelor in Environmental Engineering.

Nathan Christian:
ICO score: 64.3

An expert in end-to-end Blockchain Development, ICO Strategy, venture capitals, etc. With 35 successful start-ups in his illustrious portfolio, Nathan Christian also has experience and expertise in developing full-node servers for cryptocurrency and third-party integrations. As an industry expert, he works tirelessly towards increasing and strengthening the security of cryptocurrency based platforms, implementing enterprise-level security with signature encrypted service, keys (public and private) and hash.

Mofassair Hossain:
ICO score 57.6

The CEO and Founder of Perhalic, Mofassair Hossain is also a Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA), Investor and Advisor of 18+ ICOs in Blockchain industry. He is also a prominent member of Malta and Israeli blockchain association And Global Blockchain Advisory Professionals.
Currently, working assiduously as an Ambassador of Humaniq and Advocate of DasCoin.

Tyler Sanford:
ICO score: 40.6

Tyler has precisely seven years of experience working with successful Tech-Startups in marketing and sales roles, allowing him to utilise those experiences and apply them to blockchain technology and ICOs. He is currently working with TraDove (Bounty Campaign, Marketing, Community Outreach /Telegram Admin), (Advisor), SafeCrypt.IO (Advisor), IP. Gold (Coming Soon)- Marketing Manager, SMARTRealty (Community Outreach), (Advisor), HydroCoin (Advisor) and PowerLedger (Coming Soon).

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