The fresh and exciting world of ICOs is now adequately grounded to introduce new concepts and remarkable phenomena. Spinning off from this extensive domain, there are numerous innovations and extraordinary ideas benefiting from the ICO launches. In this article, we are providing you with five of the hottest and unique ICO launches with the essential details and values of the official launch.

Talketh (Telecommunication)

Talketh is a telecommunications network platform, regulated and secured by the blockchain technology. Horizon Globex GmbH is putting forth VOX tokens to fuel the Talketh cellular application. Globex is powering innovation across borders and introducing a blockchain-enabled telecommunications platform that consumers can use from New York to Nairobi. This advancement was made possible by Globex’s years of expertise and experience in developing telecommunications technologies, managed by its distinguished management team.
Fueled by Globex’s bona fide prototype programming and recently achieved blockchain advancements, Talketh currently gives minimal cost and higher ROI VOIP abilities to individuals around the globe, without the necessity of opening a new bank account or having a superfast broadband network connecting them.

TOKEN Details

Hard Cap: $ 35,000,000.00
Soft Cap: $ 0.00
Symbol: VOX
Type: ERC20 on Ethereum
Initial Price: 1 token = 1.00 USD

ARAW (E-commerce Payment)

A team of highly qualified experts have embarked on a mission with the purpose to present an end-to-end solution for e-commerce vertical, powered by the extremely secured Ethereum Blockchain. Their journey led them to create the ARAW Token, a vital point of the decentralised payment ecosystem, with the intention to contribute and to increase the Blockchain User Adoption, employing the wide usage of E-Commerce channel across the globe with the Decentralised Payment. This development will assist regular people everywhere to benefit from this cryptocurrency, without altering their shopping behaviour or without the necessity to comprehend the working of the Blockchain technology.

The ARAW token aims to become a critical factor of its users’ daily online and brick & mortar shopping. Its unique first-of-a-kind concept of fusing the advantages of the E-Commerce with Payment industries is helping them present solutions for E-Commerce Marketplace directly from vendors to end users.

Its solutions include:
Online Cryptocurrency Payment
Touch & Pay Cryptocurrency Card
Unified Reward System

TOKEN Details

Hard Cap: $ 25000000
Soft Cap: $ 2,000,000
Symbol: ARAW
Type: Ethereum, ERC20
Initial Price: 1 ARAW = $0.01
Accepts ETH

Õpet Foundation (Education)

Õpet is trying to create and implement a seamless process into the education vertical. Leveraging advanced AI with the highly secure blockchain, the Õpet tokens will take numerous educational methods and protocols to the next level.

The primary procedure is the admission process. These tokens will provide each candidate with a private hash key through the institution’s online form. Unique to each student, the tokens aim to achieve extensive date input to the institution and the student’s ledger, addressing the many immediate pain-points of students like redoing the submission process for all educational institutions over and over again or e-mailing numerous copies of admission documents across the globe.

The Õpet chatbot will also assemble and store all these extensive college admission data stored on the blockchain and with its backend Adaptive Recommendation system will provide suggestions to institutions and students alike.

Another usage of this platform is to assist independent donors in purchasing Opet Tokens (OPET) from reputable crypto-exchanges and delivering them directly to the digital wallets of the poor students. From the wallets, these students can directly pay for digital tutor companion services. It also provides the donor with full transparency and accountability for the records of the beneficiary’s academic as well as other student records.

TOKEN Details

Hard Cap: ETH 60000
Soft Cap: ETH 10000
Symbol: OPET
Type: ERC20
Initial Price: 1 OPET = 0.002 ETH
Accepts USD (Only for Pre-sale), ETH

LaborCrypto (Employment)
A unique P2P freelancing platform, supported by blockchain technology to generate and develop a more skill-based ecosystem, open to both clients and freelancers. The custom design applies an escrow smart contract arrangement with LaborCrypto receiving and disbursing purchases, bids and documents for both the clients and freelancers. This platform was created with the goal to revamp the freelancing community and its workflow, employing virtual currencies and sharing revenue across its users.
It is redefining its marketing for users with the P2P solution to resolve user loyalty issues and produce repeat business.

TOKEN Details

Hard Cap: TBD
Soft Cap: TBD
Symbol: LBR
Type: ERC20
Initial Price: 2,000 LBR=1 USD
Accepts ETH BTC

Smart Trip Platform (Travel)

An extraordinary ecosystem that unites P2P travellers and travel service providers into a symbiotic relation, creating unforgettable trip experiences.
Smart Trip Platform allows travellers to make regular bookings as well as finding travel buddies across the globe, making it one of its kind social travel forum.
Aside from providing seamless efficiency and accessibility for basic offerings, the Smart Trip Platform enables service providers: to gain, secure and retain a constant flow of genuine customers and to gain a new channel to connect to the audience and get critical feedbacks in a secured and organised environment.

TOKEN Details

Hard Cap: $ 25,000,000
Soft Cap: $ 1,000,000
Symbol: TASH
Type: ERC20
Initial Price: 1 TASH = 0.01$

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