The launch of NewChain Testnet by Newton Project

Let’s first talk about what a testnet is:

Oftentimes, the masses refer to a testnet as the alternative of Bitcoin blockchain in the Newton Project, but they do not have any value even though they are a coin. They are mostly used for testing Bitcoin and its related application. Both testnet and bitcoin use the same mining software. The developers use this to perform a specific test on any Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency associated terms. They further use this to develop new code and make a solution to any critical changes required.

There are four kinds of testnet; testnet1, testnet2, and testnet3. Testnet2 allows making a reset. Testnet3 is currently in use, and the fourth testnet is used only for segregation witness.

All the testnet used by different cryptocurrencies are used by developers to introduce new features.

Newton Project:

Newton is a platform open for all. The Newton aims to help the public grow towards the financial and technology. The website was officially launched on April 8th, 2018. Mr.Jizhe Xu founded it. It works in a decentralized manner for e-commerce ecosystem. The Newton Project focuses on Bitcoin. Thus, the newly launched Testnet also works in support of Bitcoin.

NewChain Testnet:

On September 3rd, the Newton Project announced the launch of the NewChain Testnet. NewChain testnet is a block blockchain network like all other cryptocurrencies Testnet. For commercialization growth, Testnet is given high value. The official announcement by Newton on NewChain Testnet is that this Testnet has been able to reach 10,000 TPS

“ in real WANs, it can reach 5,000 TPS. Meanwhile, the same indicator of EOS and BTS is about 3,000 TPS, and of the global mainstream clearing center, VISA is 2,000TPS” ( PR Sep 7, 2018).

As the name suggests, it is a chain that runs through several primary application. There is the Main Chain and the Sub-Chain. Works are divided between the two: the Main Chain support all account management this include; Newton Token Management, Sub-Chain management, and human-machine network governance. On the other hand, the Sub-Chain looks after the business Scenario, data structure, and consensus mechanism. The Sub-Chain’s stability makes it extremely prominent.

The Newton Project also launched Newton’s Wallet NewPay and NewExplorer.Using NewPay one can create a Wallet, importing and exporting Wallets, and payment scanning. The Browser allows inquiring about the transaction and account query, and other functions.

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