The growth in entrance of digital currency into the business world is hasty

With the growth of technology, revolutionary development to meet necessity in the IT world is imperative. To be updated with every new development is an obligatory. The digital world, with its digital assets, its use of Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and complex formulas to form better, and stronger network must reaches the ears of every industries, companies and engineers. In a business world, computer technology has linked with mostly every market. This improve and provides capital, strengthen economy and gives employment. Competition within the business world is rising, thus, gives enthusiasm to every employers.

Cryptocurrency have entered the business market with its database structure like Blockchain and cryptography, the digital currency have gained popularity worldwide as it became an alternative for fiat currency. The first real world digital currency through Bitcoin happens when Laszlo Hanyecz offers to pay 10,000 Bitcoin for two Pizzas, and the first recorded Escrow Trade happens on Oct 16, 2016. This continues with restaurant, merchants, bill payment, institution and so on. Though it has started just a few years earlier in 2008, it has become the most popular and fast growing technology.


On september 2018, Japanese social media Brand LINE has publicize its digital coin called LINK and its blockchain named LINKCHAIN.

LINE is Japanese largest social network launched in 2011, it work as a freeware app for communication process. The LINK ecosystem allows exchange, and gave rewords to contributors. LINK a digital token was launched on 31 August 2018. But no Official Coin Offering will be made unlike other cryptocurrencies. The new cryptocurrency will be given through BITBOX, a global digital assets, allowing discount for LINK holders.

With the launch of its own cryptocurrency, LINE wishes to attract more users. This cryptocurrency, which goes as a Token, is given for users to buy stickers, Webtoons, and other apps.

Being new to crypto, LINK is just a beginner, thus, allowing development to a great extend. And yet, legal approval from the government is awaited.

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