The birth and growth of Future Perfect Venture: Investing with Jalak Jobanputra.

What is Future Perfect Venture?

Founded in 2014 by Jalak Jobanputra, FPV is venture capital firm based in New York. The company invest in technology companies, they are open for an early stage capital for companies to start up, and it works globally. Jobanputra made Blockchain as the core function of FPV to make it available worldwide.

With the invention of ICO(Initial Coin Offering), in 2017 fear of bypassing Capital venture (Future Perfect Venture) arise. But the ICO regulation does not give an opportunity for everyone to start easy opening and fundraising. In this case, the FPV acts as an early stage capital who guide the entrepreneurs. With the investors, the company can get off different funding rounds, hence gave way for easy startup.

Venture Companies:

Future Perfect Venture is one of Venture Companies. When a startup companies need a considerable amount of investment to grow potentially in the future, a wealthy investor who is also called Venture Capitalist will invest their capital in these companies with an agreement. This investment is not limited to monetary form alone; it also takes the form of technology. Hence, many new companies and ventures are in need of this early stage capital.

The aim behind the use of Blockchain:

The birth of smartphone, smart technology or even smart houses has added easy access to things around the world. The price of these smart technologies have decreased, this allows more people to have access to these smart application. In an interview with Jobanputra by John Biggs on February 26, 2018, she mentioned how internet alone might not be able to store all the data used through different kinds of smart technology as discussed above. Therefore, Blockchain plays an essential role in securing and saving all the updated data.

Who is Jalak Jobanputra?

She is the founder of Future Perfect Venture. She is an investor and entrepreneur, and the first to launch a Venture Capital which uses Blockchain. This new age technology and its capabilities inspired Jobanputra. To improve the VC, using Blockchain can create a broader view and inclusion. Though there is a risk in underlining the investment, there is also a great way to profit.

Since 1999 she was part of Venture Capital (VC), she has been in an investment bank, Netscape IPO in 1995, invest for Intel and Silicon Valley in 1999. In 2013 she attended the Bitcoin conference, where she heard of Blockchain, this gave her knowledge of how potential technology is, thus, made her built a VC that is innovated comparing to the ongoing VCs set up in the US.

Having twenty years of experience in the venture industry, Jobanputra was also a Senior Vice President at the New York City Investment Funds. She was a mentor and speaker at the NYCSeedStart. Being an entrepreneur, she supports entrepreneurship, and focus on its growth and development. As a women entrepreneur, she leads numerous groups such as “Loreal’s Women in Digital Initiative,” “US Secretary of State Women Leadership Council.” She was also one of the Forty over 40 honorees.

The FPV blog news has posted on September 10th, 2018“Even within the financial sector, everything used to reside only within the four walls of a company and then I remember investing in Yodlee in 2000 and they started opening up APIs – customer data between banks and now that’s standard practice. That’s where we’re headed, and that’s where I think it’s the timing that also matters as well as the technology. ” – Jalak Jobanputra”

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