TACHAIN: An Extraordinary Union of Transportation and Entertainment

Tachain is going to enter the market and start with 3000 taxis in the city of Manila, Philippines from this month.

The project will store all information in the public blockchain and have very
specific requirements for the blockchain incorporated. TCHN is a utility Token and is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token, supporting the smart contracts, the transaction execution should be fast enough and transaction fee should be low. The Tachain developers consider the EOS blockchain to be an excellent choice for this particular project.

What’s Different?

TCHN is a utility Token and is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token. The number of TCHN
tokens will be determined after the end of ICO based on the number of
TCHN tokens sold during crowdfunding procedure.

In order to become the owner of TCHN tokens, a person will have to read Terms & Conditions, register on www.tachain.io and send any amount of any cryptocurrency according to details provided in the cabinet.

Price of 1 TCHN token (excluding bonuses) will be 0.01 USD
Currencies accepted: ETH or BTC
Hard cap for Tachain ICO is 10M USD
Soft cap is 2M USD.
Hard cap for private pre-sale (whitelisted members) is 1M USD
Maximum number of tokens to be generated is 2.275M TCHN tokens

TCHN ICO Timeline:
16 July – 22 Jul 2018: up to 50% bonus (private pre-sale, only for whitelisted ones)
30 July – 1 Oct 2018: 35% bonus
2 Oct   – 15 Oct 2018 : 25% bonus
16 Oct – 31 Oct 2018 : 15% bonus

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