Restaurants and Cryptocurrencies

Times are changing as people around the globe finally realise the importance of a decentralised financial system along with its benefits, and cryptocurrencies are the basis of all these remarkable developments. The system is continually witnessing a rise in crypto adoption, even from traditional sectors like hospitality. Restaurants and hotels are now equally accepting cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment for their services.
The most recent case was that of the restaurant in the New Jersey. Keeping up with the advancing times, an Italian Restaurant in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey is renovating its business model, accepting Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin (BTC) for its international delicacies.

Previously, it was always about the crypto-friendly city of Prague, and New Jersey seems to be following its footsteps. Prague was identified as the first crypto friendly city in the world with 154 venues accepting various types of cryptocurrencies for its services – in bars, restaurants, hotels, cinemas and attractions. In addition, 12 ATMs dispensing cash for users having a digital account. The city is home to a unique café in the world known as Bitcoin Coffee. It is unique because the cafe only allows cryptocurrencies form of payment. Also, the place fuses together a restaurant and a co-working space. Even for the co-working space, the only method of payment are Bitcoins, Litecoins or Monero. Prague is also home to first of its kind Bitcoin coffee house in the world.

Buenos Aires Subway Franchise Accepts Bitcoin as a mode of payment for delicious subs. Click To Tweet

Another notable mention is the city of Buenos Aires with 133 traditional establishments accepting cryptocurrencies. During the mid of 2017, a Subway franchisee in the city started taking Bitcoins as a mode of payment. This development had put the city on the world map of cryptocurrency usage, also making it the first Latin American city to do so. Previously, two other Subway franchises in Moscow and Allentown, Pennsylvania accepted Bitcoin for their services.

Numerous other nations are following the suite as nation capitals like London, Madrid, Vienna and Berlin have opened up restaurants that only accept cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment. This development has marked the dawn of a new era where food and virtual currencies go hand in hand.

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