Tron (TRX) and Justin Sun
Tron (TRX)

TRON entered into trading service in early September 2017, just before the crackdown on Chinese cryptocurrencies. While the overall market reached a market capitalisation of $850 billion in January 2018 (vs ⅓ in October 2017), TRON was one of the leaders in the sector in terms of capital gains during this period. TRX traded at $0.002 in early December 2017 and reached a record high of $0.30 per coin in the first week of January 2018. This means that in just four months, Justin Sun has managed to move TRON from $0 to a market capitalisation of just under $20 billion.TRON (TRX) grew from 0 to $20 billion in only 4 months! Click To Tweet

Now in November 2018, TRON has reached 990,000 transaction block height which is almost two times more than Ethereum. Part of this meteoric rise can be attributed to good timing, as TRX was able to warm up during the past few months of when the cryptos were at its lowest peak. However, the majority of marketing and interest in TRON can be directly attracted by Sun’s efforts to promote the usability and vision of its currency.

Justin Sun has been an impressive figure in the industry. He has been able to move TRON to a top 20 best cryptocurrencies while building sustainable value. TRON continues to move forward with the launch of Main Net and numerous partnerships. was one of the first big names to sign with TRX, an essential partnership between a gaming platform dedicated to the integration of cryptography and a currency whose values are well aligned in the entertainment and entertainment industry.

An ambition followed by actions

Tron’s progress to date can be considered remarkable in any event, opening its second full month of operation with 990,000 transactions and closing the daily average of 560,399 per day – calculated by TRX’s bull Tron Colony (and re-tweeted by Tron founder Justin Sun):

Justin Sun's Tweet TRON (TRX)
Justin Sun’s Tweet

Such growth does not seem fleeting either. With 6639.141 recorded on the 4th of November, Tron’s deal count appeared to exceed Ethereum’s transactions.

Tron versus Ethereum: Fuel on fire?

Having launched Tron as an Ethereum competitor, Justin Sun tended to stir the pot among the Ethereum community when publishing development updates.

Also, Justin Sun’s recent revelation of Tron as the world’s largest and most advanced peer-to-peer network seemed to spark interests within the Ethereum community.

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