Holochain & Producers Token join hands together to revolutionize the agricultural markets!

Last week, Holochain and Producers Token publicly announced about their strategic partnership.

If you’re unaware, Holochain is a framework for writing fully distributed P2P applications. It is not based on the blockchain technology. Whereas, Producers Token is building a global P2P marketplace for the agricultural producers.
With this strategic partnership coming into effect, Producers Token marketplace i.e. ProducersMarket will be incorporating the Holochain’s software architecture into their existing technology.

Colin Stewart, Director of Agricultural Technology for Producers Token believes that the Holochain’s cryptographic accounting has the potential to revolutionize global agricultural
markets. He adds that the partnership will enable the producers on their platform to have much more to do now with their financial transactions, data, and personal information.

Holochain’s method of cryptographic accounting makes each asset-backed currency to be inter-operable. This means that any agricultural-asset backed currency can be liquidated on any exchange that lists Holo-fuel.

About Producers Token
Producers Token is solving the age-old problem of Producer Exploitation because of the involvement of intermediaries between the farmers & the consumers. (e.g. wholesalers, brokers, distributors, retailers, importers, exporters, sales representatives, and brands etc.)

Many of them take excessive profits on top of their operating costs. Producers Token is building a single online platform for the digital tokenization & exchange of all the agricultural related assets. Producers Token offers its ProducersMarket members with all of these opportunities.

Producers Token (FarmToken) currently is focused on three
categories of tokenized assets:
• Tokenization of an operating farm and/or facility asset
• Tokenization of an expanding or new farm and/or facility
development which isn’t currently operating.
• Tokenization of a natural resource for conservation and/or regeneration.

The building of Producers Token’s smart value chain and the accompanying database of producers and buyers is designed to consistently remove the intermediaries in the whole chain and bring out Producers owned platforms. It also aims to transform the role of the intermediary from a profit-maximizing centre, to a much more transparent, cost-effective service provider in a united network of producers.

About Holochain
Holochain believes in the notion that the whole point of the Internet is to have agents/humans communicate with agents/humans. It is a space of distributed, agent-centric apps, it intrinsically is a human/social network. It is not based on the
blockchain technology. Nor is Holochain a single platform like Ethereum.

It is rather like a decentralized Ruby-on-Rails toolkit, which is capable to produce stand-alone programs for the high-profile serverless applications. Holochain aims to solve the existing inefficiency and scalability issues innate to the blockchain technology and direct acyclic graph theories.

With this partnership, it will be very interesting to see how the Holochain stands out on its P2P decentralised architecture’s efficiency claims.

Will it be scalable enough to solve the problem of Producer exploitation globally?

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