According to the ‘Fetch: Technical Introduction’ whitepaper, Fetch is a decentralized digital representation of the world in which autonomous software agents perform useful economic work. They are capable of providing services or delivering data, and in exchange for their efforts, they are rewarded with a digital currency called the ‘Fetch Token.’

Fetch’s digital world is established by a unique smart ledger technology, resulting in lower transaction costs and improved performance. It’s very much open to agents via its Open Economic Framework (OEF).

The ledger delivers useful proof-of-work that not only aggrandise the trust and market intelligence as time moves forward but also increases the value of the network while it’s being used. With Fetch, data is given full freedom to make use of any opportunity to exploit itself in the marketplace.

Fetch’s digital world is decentralized, and such a world allows new marketplaces to rise. Fetch provides a better-coordinated delivery of highly connected services, enabling their agents to act as representatives for data, hardware, and services.

Fetch employees a large number of digital data analysts and sales agents who work in every possible way to reduce the expenses of delivering complex solutions. Fetch’s agents actively project their values on to people who truly need it.

When Fetch was in its early stages, it had a core team of five members. Currently, it has over 35 employees with a considerable number of people working overseas. In the 2Q of  2018, it partnered with a hospitality technology company, Wi-Q Technologies. This company is expected to have one of the first Autonomous Economic Agents (AEAs) on the Fetch network. This was just one of the commercial that Fetch is planning to announce in the past few months.

Fetch announced the newest member of the company, Tom Nicholson, in September 2018. He will be the newly appointed Machine Learning Researcher at the company. Fetch stated that one of the reasons Tom was hired because both of them shared similar interests.

Fetch continued its recruitment drive and hired Richard Dearden as the company’s AI Machine Learning Lead. Dearden is a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from the University of British Columbia and spent five years working for Schlumberger Cambridge Research on automation and AI for the oilfield.

The third addition to the company is Ali Hosseini, also in the AI department of the company. A PhD in Artificial Intelligence from King’s College London and an MSc degree in the same field and university, Hosseini is from a Software Engineering background.

Fetch aspires to unite the world and deliver power to every individual. They have been known to create the world’s first truly smart ledger and this allowed data to act autonomously. Ever since their establishment in 2017, the company has come a long way, creating a quite a name for themselves. With the passage of time, we can expect it to continue innovating and executing extraordinary ideas at a considerable pace.

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