ARROUND: An AR Advertising Ecosystem

ARROUND provides the world’s first decentralised advertising solution in an integrated augmented reality infrastructure, which is based on blockchain technology. Augmented Reality is changing the perception of the world entirely, and now Arround will, with the help of blockchain.

ARROUND will provide an enrapturing digital platform to delve into, where people will get a chance to create & share their own AR experiences. Advertisers will be able to engage consumers through creative campaigning in AR. For the first time in history, retail outlets will be able to utilise the power of big data and targeted campaigns, as the AR market is speeding at breakneck (65% CAR).

ARROUND has also established significant partnerships with global brands. People can buy ARR tokens and use them for –

  • All revenue transactions on the network
  • ARR tokens will pay campaigns & advertisements registered in the blockchain
  • Social networks are ushered in ARR tokens
  • Map builders are paid a bounty in ARR

To support the advanced consumer and retail application, the ARROUND platform combines each of its elements to form an intricate ecosystem. The features include AR Maps, AR Store, AR Adnet and AR social which are all tied together by blockchain. All intellectual privacy & property rights are guaranteed via smart contracts.

ARROUND’s initial idea, presentation and optimisation started in 2016. In 2017, they made their first partnership and invested in the development of MVP. Finally this year in 2018, they made MVP available on mobile app for both Android and iOS. They also aim to launch a pilot project with a partner in the US, and they will expand their market in China, Japan, Korea & Europe by 2020.

ARROUND has a total of 1450 million tokens on sale. Their token sale has already started on the 15th of September’18, which will go on till 15th of November’18. An amount of 3,000,000,000 ARR tokens will be issued. Unsold tokens will be burnt.

1 ARR token = 0.035 USD

You can get an extra 5% bonus for buying more than 10,000 USD. Their Hard cap is set to 30,000,000 USD, and the Soft cap is set to 5,000,000 USD.

Token distribution after their ICO –

  • 1.5 % for bounty
  • 8.2 % bonus tokens for pre-sale & token Sale
  • 10 % for the team
  • 10 % support fund for holders of the master nodes
  • 22 % fund for community development & liquidity
  • 48.3 % for token sale (Pre-sale & Token Sale)

ARROUND’s platform is built on Ethereum, and they’re accepting ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, Dash. They have an excellent team headed by their CEO, Neil Bryant. He is an experienced internet start-up manager, with a successful track record of launching global multi-million user social networking & media projects. HUL, Tresemme, Scania, Rodery are some of their amazing partners.
Are you interested in meeting new people who are just like you? ARROUND gives you this opportunity to interact with people of the same interests, know their lifestyles, social behaviour, and find missing connections. You can find people nearby by selecting your interests. ARROUND provides its users with the option to see the discounted products instantly.

ARROUND Token Sale ends in 47 days!

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