5 Simple Ways for Earning Free Bitcoins

When Bitcoin took the world by storm in December 2017, those in the now began looking at currency differently. Many of whom started looking at Bitcoin and Blockchain as the future of financial trading. Today, Bitcoin is widely accepted as an alternative to traditional currency and has endless possibilities in terms of purchasing power (Read also: What Can I Buy With Bitcoin?).

With big organizations and even governments putting their faith in this Blockchain-based currency, we give you a brief look at how Bitcoin can be collected for free; giving you the opportunity to get a foot in the door to this worldwide payment system. However, note that before attempting any of these methods, it is best done with a Bitcoin wallet that is installed on your device (Read: Bitcoin Wallet For Beginners to know more about wallets read)

Web Surveys            

Many websites offer users the chance to earn Bitcoins by completing surveys. The reward isn’t a lot, and the options are limited. However, it is a start. Survey websites like InstaGC and Cinchbucks pay directly in Bitcoins once you complete the survey. On the other hand, ClixSense does not pay in Bitcoin directly; instead, it pays via Skrill, Payoneer, Payza or Tango card.

Bitcoin Faucet Websites

As the name suggests, this follows the principle of a leaky tap. Often done as a promotional feature to retain visitors on websites, faucets drip Satoshi as payouts that range to a few cents or a dollar every few minutes.

PaidBooks.com is an example of Bitcoin faucet website. It offers readers a chance to earn Bitcoins by reading classic books—an intriguing method for sure. The site is easy to use and is a lot more engaging than pressing a couple of buttons on-screen to receive a payout. The site offers hundreds of books and requires no sign-up.


Online games work on a similar principle like that of faucets and are probably not an ideal option until you have a lot of time to kill and don’t mind being bombarded with advertisements.

One such site is Coinbrawl, an online RPG game that rewards you in Satoshi. Coinbrawl pays you when you accumulate 100,000 Satoshi. You need to have a Bitcoin wallet to get the payment.

Affiliate Programs

Probably the most useful method of earning free Bitcoin, affiliate programs are common across all industry verticals. Start-ups that do not have enough fund to finance their advertisements offer Bitcoin affiliate programs. They give a customised referral once you sign up. You can share the links with your social media pages, personal website and friends or you can run an advertising campaign. The companies pay you in Bitcoins as commissions based on the number of customers you send them.


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